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Training, workshops and public speaking on the Isle of Wight and South Coast

If you are looking for a short course, a full days training or a speaker for an event we can probably help! Just don’t ask for small talk

We specialise in –

Autism –

Acceptance, understanding and all aspects of learning can be covered.

Our autism training or awareness talks can be on any subject that you would like. We have a lifetime of experience to draw from. As a rough guide some suggested subject matter for short talks are –

  • Women and girls
  • Autistic burnout
  • Meltdowns and shutdowns
  • Structure routine and the need for sameness
  • We are actually social creatures
  • Tools for reducing anxiety
  • Communication
  • Autism awareness (Basic understanding)
  • Autism understanding for support workers

Disability Equality –

Disability Equality Training courses have been run by disabled people for over 30 years, to highlight the very real issues that disabled people face in their daily lives.

Disability Equality Training differs from Disability Awareness Training.  Awareness Training tends to focus on specific conditions or impairments and often uses ‘simulation exercises’ (such as sitting in wheelchairs). These are carried out in order to give attendees an ‘understanding’ of how the specific impairment affects an individual. In reality there is no way anyone can experience the social barriers in society by ‘playing disabled’ This then means that Awareness sessions have a ‘medical focus’, as they often look at how an individual can be helped to ‘overcome’ the condition. Furthermore, Disability Awareness Training sessions are often facilitated by people who have no direct experience of disability.


We can also provide courses in –

  • Independent living
  • Social stories and comic Book conversations
  • Sensory Processing
  • Person Centred Planning
  • Dignity and Respect


All objectives and course contents can be mixed and matched to suit needs

 We are experienced in delivering learning to people of all abilities – when we ask if any learners have additional needs, we do actually make adjustments to our training and delivery so please ask!!

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