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We pride ourselves on offering innovative, interesting and engaging training in all aspects of care and support, specialising in learning disability and Autism, and disability equality. We base our training on real life experience and knowledge and ensure that learning can be applied in practice.

Our ethos is to develop our courses with your needs in mind, so please take a look at our courses, and let us know your requirements.

All objectives and course contents can be mixed and matched to suit needs

Claire delivers our Autism training. Being able to give a first hand  perspective to training, as well as professional knowledge is vital. Nobody knows Autism like an Autistic person! Claire has the very fortunate position of not only being a professional who has worked for over 20 years with Autistic adults and children, in residential and family settings, as well as in an advocate role, she is also a parent of an Autistic son, and a daughter with learning difficulties and SPD. Claire also has Aspergers herself alongside physical and neurological impairments giving her the opportunity to explore Autism from 3 sides, as a practitioner, a carer and Autistic adult, with many years of positive and negative experiences to draw from

Claire also delivers Disability equality and awareness, being a P/T wheelchair user, with neurological impairments, and physical disability, and having a myriad of chronic illnesses gives an insight into life as a disabled person. This perspective is vital for delivering disability equality training.

 We are experienced in delivering learning to people of all abilities – when we ask if any learners have additional needs, we do actually make adjustments to our training and delivery so please ask!!Telephone Claire today on 07766 142 468 or email

Learning Disability Training  and Autism Awareness Training
  • Autism – intermediate and advanced level courses
  • Basic Autism Awareness
  • Supporting people with Autistic spectrum disorders (for support workers)
  • Understanding sensory needs of people on the Autistic spectrum
  • Using visuals, scheduals, and symbols
  • Autism awareness for family support workers
  • Understanding behaviour and meltdowns in Autism
  • Supporting people with communication needs
  • Learning disability awareness
  • Essential values and principles of learning disability support
  • Down Syndrome Awareness
  • Mental Health in learning Disability
  • History of learning Disability
  • Supporting people positively with their behaviour
  • Supporting Independence and wellbeing
  • Developing community and creative opportunity
Essential training and Care certificate 
  • Health and safety
  • duty of care
  • Dignity and respect
  • Creating meaningful careplans and assessments
  • Advocacy Awareness
  • Safeguarding  Adults
  • Person centred planning
  • Person Centred Reviews
  • Confidentiality and Data Protection
  • Infection control
  • Handling information
  • Disability Equality Awareness
  • Disability Equality full package
  • Creating inclusive environments
  • Epilepsy Awareness
  • Medication administration