AIM Social Groups

AIM has a number of social activities and groups which are increasing, as our funds and volunteers grow. Once you become a member we send a newsletter each month to tell you what groups are meeting, which activities we have planned, and if there are any meetings, or important information that you need to know about.

How can I be involved?

We run 4 social groups aimed at helping people (currently over 18) who have ASD who may feel lonely, or find it difficult to meet people and make friends. We currently have a quiet games group, an active community group, a quiz team and a women’s group

It is important that you are aware, we don’t have any support staff or carers at our social groups, so we expect people who come along to be able to manage their own money, and be comfortable being mostly independent.

We are friendly and understand that social anxiety can be very difficult. We do support each other, and Claire our coordinator and a volunteer will be there to help with anxiety, to introduce you, and help you find your way

AIM social groups are free to attend. You only pay for the cost of the activity.

You may not want to come to any groups, but should still become a member of AIM. This is because we ask Autistic people for their views on issues such as access to GPs and hospitals, how easy it is to travel, whether you have enough support, what mental health services are like and other important things.

Download our membership leaflet Click Here

For any queries contact us at AIM on: 07444737097 and ask to speak to the AIM coordinator. 

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