About Us

We are a small family run business based on the Isle of Wight with extensive experience and knowledge in the social care sector, specialising in Autism, learning disability and Disability Equality.

Claire Collins is the face of Positive Difference and has over 25 years professional experience  in social care. With a wealth of knowledge of Person Centred Planning and Thinking, and personalisation she is able to develop training sessions specific to your organisation all of which are focused around Person Centred Approaches.

With training qualification as well as industry specific qualifications Claire is also a member of British Institute of Learning Disability, and the Sensory integration Network.

Claire is autistic, dyslexic and has complex neurological and connective tissue disorders.  She uses this knowledge to give unique insight into the triumphs and challenges faced in everyday life, in her range of Autism and Disability Equality Training. Claire also has 2 remarkable children who each have additional needs. She is passionate about inclusion and making sure that businesses, goods, services and activities are aware of the easy adjustments they can make to ensure everyone can take part and lead a full and active life.

We are particularly passionate about consulting on events and conference to ensure they are inclusive and designed to engage everyone.

The combination of having direct personal experience and understanding issues from a family perspective, as well as the knowledge and experience from a professional prospective give a rich depth of knowledge to all aspects of work that no ‘off the shelf ‘ course can provide. It also become invaluable during advocacy and consultancy because of the understanding of communication difficulties. Sometimes the difference in communication can be so slight they go unnoticed by most people and confusion and misunderstanding occurs.

We work with other trainers and advocates and always pick people for their qualities, not qualifications. We work with people with DIRECT experience of disability, impairment or additional needs, and working as a team use each other strengths to support any areas that we find difficult.

What Our Clients Say

‘Quality Training and Affordable Prices’

‘A Breath of Fresh Air’

‘Claire explains things in a way that really makes sense’

‘I really enjoyed the course today’

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