Welcome to Positive Difference

Specialist in Truly Person Centred Support

Welcome to our very own Neurodiverse Universe

We are a ‘Differently’ normal family, so if you are looking for products and services that work, you have come to the right place. I am Claire, Autistic Entrepreneur, and Mum to 2 equally awesome kids

At Positive Difference we can offer you a fantastic range of sensory products, communication aides and fidget toys, all tested by our younger (and older) members, alongside a training and public presentation service that encompasses our rich family and personal experiences, with a vast history of professional accomplishment.

We can also offer a tailor made sensory package- if you are on the Isle of Wight and looking to fulfill a grant, or build a sensory room, we offer amazing discounts and have access to ranges not available in our online catalogue – Get in touch (I really don’t do phones, so I’d rather you email me)